Chevrolet Traverse Rental Dubai

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AED 300 / Day
AED 5500 / Monthly
  • door4
  • passengers7
  • luggages3
  • SUV
  • Free Delivery
  • Insurance Included
Chevrolet Traverse- White - 2020 - R 99386
Chevrolet Traverse- White - 2020 - R 99386 - 2
Chevrolet Traverse- White - 2020 - R 99386 - 3
AED 299 / Day
AED 5500 / Monthly
  • door4
  • passengers7
  • luggages3
  • SUV
  • Free Delivery
  • Insurance Included
Chevrolet Traverse Front Side View
Chevrolet Traverse Interior
Chevrolet Traverse Back Side View
AED 325 / Day
AED 7000 / Monthly
  • door4
  • passengers7
  • luggages2
  • SUV
  • Free Delivery
  • Insurance Included

Hire Chevrolet Traverse in Dubai

Many remarkable new features have been added to this car, making it desirable to drive!  The new features, including an upgraded external appearance and extra driver-assistance systems, distinguish this vehicle from its predecessor. Several factors set this car apart, but some are irresistible and cannot be disputed or ignored. The enticing family size, style, spacious interior, user-friendly technology, and complete elegance make this car unsurpassed. If you are thinking of a high-end level of luxury and comfort, then you should seek a Chevrolet Traverse for rent in Dubai. And since Faster is here and offers you the best rates with top-notch rental services, you won’t need to go any further. With the best rental service, you can ride in your car, roam all over Dubai, and experience the pleasure of getting the most convenient service in the town.

Specifications & Features:

This car has many striking features that make it an exceptional choice. With an impressive engine, a full safety package, and plenty of entertainment features, this car has it all.

  • A standard V-6 engine with 310 horsepower
  • A nine-speed automatic transmission
  • Three-row SUV
  • Very seamless automatic stop/start 
  • Front-wheel drive
  • It has the best highway fuel efficiency
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Aluminum Wheel
  • LED / Automatic Headlamps 
  • Streaming Bluetooth audio for two active devices
  • Power Programmable Door locks
  • Keyless Start
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Leather seats
  • An 8.0-inch display
  • 6-speaker system 

Driving the Chevrolet Traverse is simple with its precise system that makes aiming the big SUV effortlessly. It also has a variety of safety features that make you feel, at the same time, joyful and secure. There are many modern and sophisticated features inside the 2022 model that entice anyone to have a go at it and take a memorable ride around Dubai. A powerful engine, outstanding performance, and luxurious appearance make this car a crowd-pleaser.

Rent It From Us:

With the car industry growing continuously, you may find yourself in front of a sea of luxury and sports cars that take your breath away without knowing which to choose. However, if you are fond of driving power SUVs, then the Chevrolet Traverse is the ideal pick, given that it is the quickest vehicle in its category. With Faster, great rental deals, you can enjoy your journey without worrying about a thing. Just buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai

For the best touring experience in Dubai and around the UAE, car rental is the best option. Public transport and other options will not allow you to enjoy all the attractions here in the desert city. Also, Faster Rent a Car offers tourists and also locals in the city to rent their favourite sports cars, SUVs and luxury cars for all kinds of requirements. Documents required for renting a car in Dubai are as follows:

Documents Required for UAE Residents

  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID or UAE Resident Visa

Tourists from some countries including the rest of the GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and a few others can rent luxury cars without an international driving permit. Also, tourists from some countries will need international driving permits to drive and rent cars in Dubai.

Documents Required for Tourists in Dubai

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Dubai or UAE Visit Visa
  • Airport Entry Stamp May Be Asked
  • Valid Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit

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