Mercedes Benz S500

5 Passengers 3 Luggages Auto 4 Doors
Start From
2000 AED
5 Passengers
3 Luggages
4 Doors
GPS Navigation
USB Input
Audi Input

Mercedes Benz S500 Rental Dubai

Dubai is elegant and classy. People leave their old lives behind and hop on the plane for a better, more luxurious life in this modern city. It has all you can ask for, from amazing sights, modern-age technology, and high-standard facilities. Everything about this place screams elegance. However, you need to have the right vehicle for the job to enjoy what it offers. That’s where our remarkable Mercedes-Benz S500 comes to save the day. You can’t imagine how a specific vehicle;e can change the course of your life. You can turn your ordinary life into an exciting one with just one foot on the pedal.

Shout Out To The Genuises

We don’t want to take any credit for this car’s perfection. We can take credit for providing this beauty for our loving customers. The intelligent minds behind this fantastic creation are the real people who deserve it.

As you open the hood of the Mercedes-Benz S500, you can instantly sense the power taking over your body. It has a 4.7-liter V-8 engine with a magnificent horsepower of 449 hp. It can reach 60 miles per hour in an impressive 4.5 seconds. Of course, if that doesn’t impress you, wait till you see how smooth the steering wheel is and how easy it handles. It’s perfection on four wheels.

Rent Mercedes S500

Imagine that your luxury life is just one car rental away from becoming a reality. To turn your routine around, you should consider renting the Mercedes-Benz S500 from Faster Rent today. It’s better than buying it at full price, and you can also get great deals from us. All it takes is the willingness to enhance your presence and a few online booking steps. After that, we’ll take over and have your vehicle ready for you as soon as possible.


  • Air Condition
  • GPS Navigation
  • USB Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio Input