Rolls Royce Ghost

4 Passengers 3 Luggages Auto 4 Doors
Start From
2500 AED
4 Passengers
3 Luggages
4 Doors
GPS Navigation
USB Input
Audi Input

When you want to take a classy cruise around the city of Dubai, you think Rolls Royce. When you want to add thrill to that elegant drive, you think Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s not as scary as it sounds, but the engine could frighten you with all that power it holds underneath the hood. It’s an extremely comfortable car with all the modern features of today. This brand is made for the fortunate and the people who like the taste of luxury. If you think this is the kind of vehicle you can handle, then you should start breathing Rolls Royce from now on.

The Real Ghost

As mentioned, the engine and specifications this marvelous vehicle offers could dazzle you. The massive power and smooth handling are iconic features engineered in every Rolls Royce. The Ghost, however, does have a bit more to offer than the other models in its class. For instance, you have that amazing horsepower of 563 hp with 8-speed automatic transmission. Combined with the most exquisite fabrics for creating the most comfortable seating, this model makes every drive a memorable experience. Some rent it with a professional driver because how don’t they like to relax in the backseat of a Ghost while someone else handles the driving?

Rent it Faster

You should always consider renting rather than just buying a Rolls Royce Ghost at full price. Even if you have the money for it, it seems that changing the car your drive every few months is always interesting and enjoyable. The diverse experience you get to encounter with several vehicles is to die for. Other than that, here at Faster Rent, we offer you these amazing cars and exceptional prices and deals. So, you can always count on us for the best deal in the UAE.


  • Air Condition
  • GPS Navigation
  • USB Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio Input